Family calls me the coupon queen. If you go shopping with me I most likely will throw a coupon at you to go with whatever you are purchasing. I dont believe in paying full price for ANYTHING.
Do not get me wrong… there is nothing more tempting than to drop a couple of hundred on a beautiful leather bag.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Baby
Select color: Talc

Reality won’t allow this so I love TJmaxx, Marshalls and Loehmans. Stores that sell name brands for less. Bought some great shoes for $7 originally $79.00 and a super awesome jacket for $29.00 originally $264.00!!!
Theres always Ebay though you might get into trouble with some fakes. The annual trip to the Coach outlet store is never visited without the extra 30% off coupon they email me. Seriously there’s no way I wont treat myself once in a while. I work hard and deserve it. But if I can get it 60% off I am all over it.

That goes with everything in my life.

Bought my kiddo awesome name brand clothing at consignment shops and I am the one buying winter clothes in the spring when its more than half off. Just last weekend I scored 4 shirts and 4 pants for the kid and didn’t spend more than $15 bucks! Gap kids is my favorite and yes I bought a shirt there for $2.97 that will fit perfect in the fall.

so if there are deals that I find – I ll keep posting.
Also something that has me in a tizzy!
Groupon and Living social. it’s really unbelievable.

Kid Deal:( a cool easter basket addition)
Disney Store has Tangled Rapunzel Fleece Throw Blanket for $5.99. Shipping is free with code TOWER