I have not been to many weddings. I am thinking 2-3 the most. One was VERY fancy and it was over seas. I had to basically wear a sort of prom dress looking thing.  I did like the dress and I bought it in Queens, NY for $80 because it was a knock-off. No one knew … remember I was not even in the country. The big thing with me is I do not do strapless… I am just comfortable. Spaghetti straps are out as well. Makes me look like a line-backer. I am no fan of arm jiggle so it makes it kind of difficult to look for a dress for a wedding.  A trip to target made me walk by The Gap a couple days ago and they had a big -extra 40% off sale- sign so I walked in. I spotted this dress from across the room. I loved the color. BIG FLAG no sleeves but a little cardigan can do the trick.

The price was also amazing. $17.00 with 40% off. I think I paid $9 plus tax!! nice huh.

could I wear that to a wedding? its in May 2011. lol I know i know.