We wait and wait for summer then there is never ending complaining that it is too hot…Mostly that its too humid. Now I see the calendar and it really is flying by us. I am trying to take the time to enjoy stuff….that is what TV does to me. Watching  heart breaking Grey’s Anatomy of a 5 year on her death bed and I am a mess.

I must of visited my son as he slept soundly about 6 times last night. Having a terrible winter with a ton of colds, ear infections and overall yuck does not even come close to what other parents deal with and I just can’t seem to grasp how they stand on two feet.  I guess in certain situations you just become stronger overnight but it is not a choice…its a must!

Today might be a good day to just enjoy my little guy.

Random pics as usual.

Ohhh and look ….the seeds and little pot I received for

Mother’s Day is growing. 🙂