Sitting here with both chocolate and wine. A little down.

I had high hopes for my team winning and they lost by 3. ahhh NBA playoffs…..always a heartbreaker for my team.

Also the fact that my son is getting so big has totally made me depressed….he is really not a baby anymore.

I miss the cute toddler things ….he is a little boy now.

Not that I miss a baby baby…because I dont miss changing diapers and carrying a bag that weighed 30 lbs.

I made him promise he would always be my baby boy…

“yes mami, but you know I am four now!”

I take a ton of pics of him weekly and also try record on how funny he really is. This age is great for laughs.

Which also makes me super sad when he is not at his best bevaviour at preschool. See I am strict when it comes to that and i hate that they dont see the happy little funny kid he is mostly with me. What can I do?..not much lets hope he outgrows it because I lack patience for that stuff.

But look how soon as we walked into his spring camp – he made me proud of him and made this.Photobucket

he has been on an ABC obsession for over a year now. Everything and anything to do with ABCs he loves.